About Us

About Us

Automation Alpha was co-founded in 2020 with a simple idea and dream: to provide world-class automation solutions for companies across Africa. Once the nationwide lockdown lifted in South Africa, this dream quickly grew to become a reality.

Despite our recent launch, Automation Alpha has already delivered several automation solutions for local businesses as well as companies from neighbouring countries. Our passionate team of four are proud to have achieved excellent results for our clients in a short space of time. This success only further fuels our passion and drive to deliver the very best in automation solutions.

Our mission:

To be a value add service provider in all aspects of automation – and to have fun while doing it.

Our vision:

To be a leader in automation solutions for all types of industries across the African continent.

Our guiding principles:

  • Determination – Our never-quit attitude inspires us to overcome challenges that most people would avoid. We stick to the fight no matter how hard the hit, and even when things seem worst, we do not quit.
  • Innovation – Our forward-looking approach and flair for technological innovation give our clients the confidence they need to meet the challenges of the electronic age.
  • Collaboration – Our emphasis on people and user experience is fundamental to the exceptional results we achieve. Collaboration and teamwork are central to our company culture.

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